Service Status

February 2017

Sites Down
Our backups caused the servers MLP Forums and Poniverse sit on to freeze. Backup has been cancelled and this brought the sites back online.
Feb 16, 01:18-01:27 PST
Dynmap outage
This incident has been resolved.
Dec 21, 16:23 - Feb 16, 01:17 PST

January 2017

Small panic attack!
One of our hosts experienced a kernel panic due to internal NFS issues. We're currently implementing a fix to stop this happening again!
Jan 17, 01:05 PST

December 2016

Rapid unscheduled rebooting
We found that ZFS doesn't like sending around volumes with millions of files on them, and got a lead on an apparently-unrelated issue in the process. Working around this was successful and the server has been migrated. ~Feld0 & Tinker
Dec 21, 13:14-16:17 PST
[Scheduled] Test Ponyville Live! ability to recover from unexpected crashes
All parasprites successfully herded out :) ~tinker
Dec 12, 16:33 PST service worker revolt!
This incident has been resolved.
Dec 1, 18:59 - Dec 10, 18:02 PST

November 2016

Moving a search server to SSD's
All done! Enjoy the faster search results.
Nov 20, 02:44-02:51 PST
Rebooting Cloudsdale
All done!
Nov 20, 02:24-02:33 PST
MariaDB upgrade
All of our database servers are now up to date! /)
Nov 16, 02:52-03:17 PST
[Scheduled] Relocating Cloudsdale
Pixel is all done with moving this one. /)
Nov 15, 22:48-23:32 PST
[Scheduled] Uprooting Whitetail Woods and teleporting Canterlot
Canterlot has been moved! Successfully this time! The end of this epic migration is in sight!
Nov 15, 21:15-22:50 PST
[Scheduled] Moving PoniArcade's Minecraft servers
All done!
Nov 14, 02:33-05:42 PST
[Scheduled] Migrating Ponyville (a mail server)
All done!
Nov 14, 00:46-03:29 PST
[Scheduled] Moving the MLP Forums search system
This is complete!
Nov 13, 19:05-19:37 PST
[Scheduled] Ponyville Live! migration to new servers
Phew! Azura sure had a lot of stuff that needed to be moved, but the Pixel and her team of tech ponies are always ready to lend a helping hoof. Time to kick back and listen to some pony radio!
Nov 12, 21:00-22:33 PST
[Scheduled] Migration of
All completed! Time to listen to those phat beatz! *Poniverse does not guarantee that any or all beatz will be phat.
Nov 11, 00:01-00:54 PST
[Scheduled] Upgrade of MLP Forums data storage
All done! Hope you all enjoy the new storage server!
Nov 9, 01:00-01:39 PST
Partial outage
The gods have expressed their satisfaction. We can rest.
Nov 8, 13:45-14:16 PST

October 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

September 2016

No incidents reported for this month.